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Tree Utah donates trees in Ferron for Molen cemetery

A large group gathers to dig holes and plant trees.
Marlene Chynoweth has been active in bringing Tree Utah trees to the Ferron area. Photos by Tina Oliver


Ferron was the recipient of the gift of trees from Tree Utah this past week. The trees were planted in the Molen Cemetery. Ross Chambless from Tree Utah made a visit and delivery to Ferron with the new trees which are flowering fruit trees. Chambless said Tree Utah was founded in 1989 and they like to plant trees at parks and schools. They are very involved in getting the school children active with tree information and education programs in the schools. Each year they sponsor an Arbor Day poster contest and the winning school plants trees at their school.

Tree Utah is involved with restoration work and they like to involve the communities in Utah.

Chambless explained why trees are such a benefit to Utah communities. They provide shade and oxygen. There is an aesthetic value to trees they are very beautiful. They provide lumber, maple syrup, fruit, nuts, habitat and wind breaks. Studies have even shown that communities that are filled with trees have less crime and are more safe. Trees raise the property values in a community.

Senator David Hinkins was on hand for the tree planting celebration at the Molen Cemetery. His great- grandfather Schumaker lost his eyesight and his grandmother had to do all the farm work, they lived in the Molen area. That area has been without shade trees for a long time, since 1880. "I would like to pay tribute to all our ancestors for the work they have done. Thanks to the Ferron community for all the work they are doing for Molen and the cemetery," said Hinkins.

Chambless said tree depth is critical to tree life. Trees need a lot of space so they can have room for the roots to grow horizontally. Trees shouldn't be planted too deeply. Staking young trees is a good idea to help them grow straighter and withstand winds. Young trees don't need pruning. The group mixed the soil with some rich potting soil to help the trees get a good start.

Cottonwood, cottonless cottonwood are native around the Molen area. A good tree diversity in a community leads to urban forest diversity. John Healy put in for the grant for Tree Utah. Marlene Chynoweth has been active with bringing trees to the Ferron community with Tree Utah. This is their third time to be granted trees with the Tree Utah program.

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