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Bringing Down the House

The rubble after the second building came down.

Huntington residents watched this past week as the resolution of a longtime safety issue as well as a major eyesore on their Main Street became a reality. The buildings known as the Gibb property came tumbling down. Huntington Mayor Jackie Wilson explained the problem has been ongoing for several years and she was glad to see the situation resolved.

The property recently was deeded over to the city in lieu of back taxes and penalties the property owner had incurred. The city will clean up the spot and then put it up for bid where the city will need to recoup the costs of the asbestos removal that had to take place as well as demolition and cleanup costs.

There are several interested buyers at this time. One interested buyer, Percy Mounteer owns the Star Theatre adjacent to the property involved. He would like to obtain the property for parking for his theatre as well as a possible arcade. He has other plans as well if he were to acquire the property. He said it is a safety issue for those attending the show. He said that people park across the street and then jaywalk across to the theatre. Not long ago three children were almost hit as they crossed the street and Mounteer is concerned about these issues.

Huntington residents were amused that at the same time the demolition was taking place the movie playing at the Star Theatre just happened to be, "Bringing Down the House."

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