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Emery High students to travel to Girl's State

Nicole McCandless, Kenlyn Nielsen, Jessica Guymon, Hailee Rogers, Savahna Hall, Myrka Lerma, front: Lexus Huntsman, Marissa Urie will attend Girl's State in Cedar City this week.

Students from Emery High are attending Girls State from June 4-9 at Southern Utah University in Cedar City.

Girls State offers training in the practical processes of good citizenship as practiced in a democratic society.

Each summer approximately 20,000 enthusiastic young women participate in Girls State sessions across the nation. At Girls State, the "citizens" study local, county and state government processes. They do this by setting up their own miniature cities, counties and state governments.

The girls are divided into cities that named after previous governors. They participate in activities and elections to fill city, county and state positions. Activities include legislative sessions, campaigning, party rallies, debating and voting.

Girls State helps young women develop leadership skills, confidence and poise. It gives them a lasting foundation for success in their personal and professional lives.

Adrienne Carter from Castle dale will be returning to help with Girls State this year as the Attorney General.

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