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Ferron Reservoir to receive another treatment

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The Division of Wildlife Resources will treat Ferron Reservoir with rotenone on June 13.

The reservoir was initially treated last fall to remove all of its fish. It's common practice to treat water bodies twice to ensure that a removal project is successful.

Powdered and liquid rotenone will be applied to the reservoir and its tributaries on June 13. The lake outlet will be closed during the treatment, and for a period of time afterwards, while the rotenone detoxifies.

Rotenone is a chemical found in the roots of certain tropical plants. It readily breaks down in sunlight, which allows a lake treated with rotenone to be restocked with fish within a week or two after the treatment.

Ferron Reservoir will be restocked with catchable size rainbow trout and should be fishable by July 4. The lake level will slowly rise to normal in the weeks following the treatment. Later in the summer, seven-nine inch Colorado River cutthroat trout will be stocked as well as fingerling brook trout.

General statewide fishing regulations are in effect at the reservoir.

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