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Ferron says think ahead to the scarecrow season

The Ferron Scarecrow Contest will be starting at the end of the summer. The week after Peach Days will be the week to put up the scarecrows. The city council would like to see the citizens of Ferron participate again this year. Last year, the winners were awarded prizes from some very fine businesses: Big Mama's Pizza dinner for two, Anthony J's dinner for two, J.B's. $30 certificate, The Cowboy Kitchen $20 certificate, Emery Sanitation entertained with a pizza party, Castle Valley Ranch one night for two with breakfast, and a stay at the 777 Ranch, East of Ferron. The winners were very pleased with their prizes and the businesses are to be complimented for lending support to the Scarecrow Contest in this way.

The committee said, "Citizens are urged to be thinking of some great scarecrows for this year. Visitors from around Utah and the Western United States have been found in Ferron taking pictures and enjoying the scarecrows. We will have a winner from the business group category and also winners from individuals and families.

"For ideas, you can Google scarecrows on the internet. If you would like to share some ideas, please feel free to contact the city hall and they will direct your ideas to the scarecrow committee.

"As in last year, there will be a scarecrow display at both ends of the city and then the committee would like to see scarecrows put up along the state highway.

"Entry forms are available at city hall and if you would like to become involved with the project, please contact and leave your name with city hall.

"This year there will be a home scarecrow display category but the committee would like to see the main road through town decorated so the prizes will be for this street only.

"Thanks again to all citizens who have participated and made this a fun place to visit in the fall," said the Ferron scarecrow committee.

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