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Castle Service Expands


Kevin Hurdsman and Brandin Hurdsman work together on a truck.

Service in Ferron

With its second anniversary looming, Castle Service is expanding to serve a bigger portion of the county. Castle Service South will open during the week of April 28 in Ferron.

The family's dream of opening a business has come true, now the hard work and dedication to serving the Emery County area is growing. Mike Hurdsman, owner of Castle Service has recognized a need and is doing something about that need.

"A large percentage of our customers at Castle Service travel from Emery, Ferron and Clawson to have their service work done. Opening Castle Service South was necessary to accommodate our customers," said Hurdsman.

"We have the building in Ferron on a two year lease, but we are hoping to purchase the property so we can make some renovations that will help us to serve our customers more quickly. We are in the process of cleaning up the yard and installing up-to-date equipment. Our plans are also to bring one of the wreckers over from Huntington and have it available in Ferron for service to the south end of the county and I-70," added Hurdsman.

Brandin Hurdsman will be the shop manager at the new facility in Ferron. Daniel Barney and Rober Parmar will be making the move to the Ferron store with Brandin for the time being. In the future some of the other mechanics may rotate at the Ferron facility to accommodate all the customers needs.

Employees of Castle Service and Castle Service South are Robert Parmar, Tifnie Hansen, Kevin Hurdsman, Brandin Hurdsman, Betty Labrum, Randell Friedman, Todd Auberger, Daniel Barney, Kris Barker, Kevin Dull, Jeremy Behling, Trevor Olsen and Deana Jennings. There are plans in the works to hire several additional employees.

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