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Letters to the Editor

By Carl Kem
Green River

Illegal aliens

I have a problem with what I have seen recently and I have to bring it to your attention so it can be addressed.

The problem is called illegal aliens.

Right now we have a problem with local businesses hiring illegal aliens. That makes me mad.

The issue of national security should be apparent. America is at war. We can debate the issue of "validity" and "value" and whatever else the anti-war-nut jobs bring up some other time. The fact is we're still at war no matter how much we don't like it. When businesses are hiring illegal aliens, that is supporting "the other side".

Let me ask you this. If your 12 year old son or daughter is run over by a drunk driver and killed, do you give money to that drunk and give them housing as well? How about you give the drunk driver land and build them a home, too?

Now let's take that out of our community and to our sons and daughters that are fighting in this insane war overseas. How about you give money to the Al Qaeda the next time one of the local kids is killed in this war? Why not give them some land and build them a home, too? What else would you like to do for the enemy?

When you hire illegal aliens, you are giving support and money to the enemy.

My son was in Afghanistan last I heard, so saying this bothers me as much as it does you. But it's true. Look at the fine print; the enemy's mission is to destroy America by any means possible. Hiring and housing illegal aliens is not helping keep America strong. They don't pay taxes and their money goes off to whatever country they are from so they can feed their families.

Once that money leaves the U.S., it's free game to be used any way the recipient wishes. So when you hire illegal aliens you might as well go buy a box of ammo and send it to the Al Qaeda near where your kid is serving. Why not send them a box of food, too, and blankets and first aid supplies, and.... you get the picture.

Hiring illegal aliens is, in my opinion, equal to treason.

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