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Letters to the Editor

By Ned Scarlet

Support for Obama

I never thought I would be one of those old guys calling the dog to tell her it was time to take a pill. I never thought I would write a Letter to the Editor supporting a Democrat President's policies. I was wrong. The first task is completed twice a day, morning and evening; the following is my attempt at the second.

Unlike a Republican president, President Obama, is free to wage war without the screaming chants, waving signs, and staged demonstrations of the anti-war crowd. Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who declared our defeat while our troops still fought, remains silent.

This silence allows the Commander in Chief to fight a war more to his liking, and this president likes the use of drone aircraft; unmanned predators sending down havoc on the latest unlucky terrorist whose card has been plucked from the presidential hand of death.

This lack of dissent means less innocent civilians will die; our enemy no longer needs to commit atrocities to demonstrate the futility of our cause. It also means less of our military will die; since stirring up opposition here at home, goaded by high casualties, will fail if not reported by a complacent media.

In this endeavor I support President Obama and wish him good hunting with more successful strikes. I commend members of Congress who have rediscovered enthusiasm for victory in war. And last, but not least, I thank those indubitable believers in peace, the vaunted war protesters, who through their profound silence have given consent; a silence that is golden, but will certainly end with the election of a Republican president.

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