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Evacuations taking place in Carbon County

The fire that started on Seeley Mountain in Emery County yesterday has now burned into Carbon County and officials are planning evacuations because of the danger.

"We are ordering mandatory evacuations of Clear Creek, Hiawatha and Wattis right now," said Jason Llewellyn, the Emergency Services Director for Carbon County at 6:30 a.m. "Scofield is on volunteer evacuation, but that will probably be mandatory soon."

The county is setting up a command post at the county intake building and is activating the emergency communications center at the ambulance garage too.

The fire started out yesterday very small, but it grew much large because of low humidity, high winds and high temperatures.

All citizens are urged to keep calm and more releases will be coming from the county concerning the situation on a regular basis.

Watch the Sun Advocate web site for more information as the situation progresses.

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