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Road to Scofield to open on Saturday morning


Highway 96, the road to Scofield Town will open Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

Deputy Sheriff Wally Hendricks, the public information officer for the Carbon County Sheriff's Department informed the Sun Advocate on Friday evening that the road would open, but that a roadblock would still be set up just past the small town, keeping people out of the Clear Creek area.

"We intend to keep the road blocked at the Highway 6 junction all Friday night and into early Saturday for security reasons," said Hendricks. "We will let people up there after 6 a.m. They can go to Scofield, the reservoir or other places. But there will still not be access to Clear Creek or Eccles Canyon."

Hendricks pointed out that there will also not be any access from the Fairview side of the highway either.

Highway 96 has been closed for over a week due to the Seeley Mountain fire that threatened Clear Creek and put a lot of smoke in areas around Scofield. The fire caused the cancellation of the yearly Pleasant Valley Days last weekend, a popular local event that draws people from all over the state.

Reports today say that the fire agencies expect full containment of the Seeley Mountain fire by July 15.

When Highway 96 will fully open over to the Sanpete side of the mountains is not yet known.

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