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Emery Town pledges support to military families with covenant signing

Emery Town Council member Patrick Sundstrom and Mayor Mistie Christiansen along with Sgt. Ryan Palmer from the National Guard sign the Community Covenant in support of military families.

Emery Town became the 101st Community Covenant community on July 11. Emery Town celebrated their devotion to Veterans and to supporting the military families in their community and county. The ceremony began with the pledge of allegiance by Wayne Staley. Denise Hunsaker sang the National Anthem. Russell Jensen presented a special award to Merlin Christiansen for 60 years of continuous service in the American Legion.

Mayor Mistie Christiansen thanked the Veterans for their service. "I am proud to be from a town that supports its Veterans. We are taking this opportunity to thank our Veterans for their service and for those who are serving now," said Mayor Christiansen.

She said she has always remembered a song the primary children learn about loving their country. "Long may it be a country where people are honest and free," said Mayor Christiansen, "it's great to be from a town where people are honest and free."

Chaplain Jones and Sgt. First Class Ryan Palmer are in charge of the Community Covenant program for the Utah Army National Guard. Palmer said, "Utah leads the nation in Community Covenant programs. The people in the cities and towns in Utah are very supportive. I have been deployed three times and I feel the support of the Veterans who have served before. They have laid the ground work for the great program we have today. There are three Community Covenant certificates and one will remain with the town, one at the armory in Price and one at the National Guard headquarters."

Palmer read the Emery Town Community Covenant promise to build strong communities and strengthen families and support the military families. They support the effort to build partnerships within the community to support military families. They pledge to offer free utility service to military families. "We the community of Emery Town thank the servicemen and women and we are committed to love and respect them."

Chaplain Jones thanked Emery for being the 101st town in Utah to sign the Community Covenant in support of military families.

Mayor Christiansen and council members David Mangum and Patrick Sundstrom signed the covenant as well as Chaplain Jones and Sgt. Palmer. Members of the audience then came forward to sign the covenant in support of military families. The town will frame the Community Covenant and hang it in the town hall/fire station.

All attendees were treated to drinks and cookies in the park. The event was held at the Veteran's Memorial at the Emery Town park.

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