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Orangeville readies for celebration on July 18-21

Orangeville City Council met on July 12. Orangeville celebration will be held this week.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Jones, Carol Stilson was excused. Ethan Migliori a candidate for county commissioner appeared before the city council and explained his qualifications.

The council passed a resolution approving the adoption and support of Orangeville City Community Covenant to honor and celebrate the military men and women of Orangeville City and their families, and all military men and women, and their families, who have served, or are presently serving in the military, and thereby courageously support and defend our Country, and Orangeville City.

Carole Larsen was appointed to be chairperson to the Military Community Covenant Committee. Larsen reported, the ceremony for the signing of this Covenant by the city council members will take place prior to the Orangeville Days, Humphrey Lamb Fry July 20 at 6:pm.

A resolution was passed to require all residents of Orangeville City using secondary water for agriculture flood irrigation to convert over to a sprinkler system by Oct. 1, 2013.

Orangeville residents who have building permits and have not completed their project and finalized the building permit process for more than a year, will receive letters of non-compliance and asking them to contact the Orangeville City office.

The week of July 16 will see the beginning of the chip seal project on the streets of Orangeville. The pot holes around town are being repaired first.

Vehicles that are on the street during the chip seal project may be towed at owner expense.

Larsen of Orangeville Planning and Zoning, reported the Tanners are planning to go ahead with their subdivision East and North of their house.

Mayor Pat Jones said the city purchased a Logan City Animal Control truck through the government web site for about $2,000. The Mayor said this truck was a bargain.

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