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Emery Town names grand marshals for pioneer day celebration

Hugh and Shonna Peterson have been named grand marshals for the Emery Town celebration.

Hugh and Shonna Peterson will be honored as the Grand Marshals for Emery Parade and town celebration.

They were both born and raised in the town of Emery and came from good and hardworking families. They married in 1949 and celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary last December. They are the parents of six daughters.

From their six daughters they have a large and wonderful family that they are very proud of. They have spent a life time of service and giving not only to their family, but have both been very active in numerous organizations in the community over the years.

Hugh was a coal miner and a rancher. Shonna worked for the State Road, the Emery County Nursing Home and is still working at the Emery Library.

They still work very hard at maintaining their yard and garden and support the town in the local events that are held.

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