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Wiper release at Huntington North

Mike Bolinski DWR biologist holds a wiper from Huntington North at a gill net survey earlier this year. This wiper is 3 years old now.

There was a wiper release at Huntington North Reservoir on July 13. Aquatics director for the Division of Wildlife Resources, Justin Hart said there were 10,000 two inch fish released. They scattered them around the edges of the lake where they can take cover from predators while they have a chance to grow.

Three years ago wipers were planted at Huntington North and these fish are now between 12-14 inches. Hart estimates it will take these newly planted fish at least three years to grow to catchable length.

It was reported some some anglers are having success catching the wipers from the shore. Hart said these fish are really challenging to catch and put up a good fight. The limit is six wipers.

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