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It's Showtime!

Annual Spring Show

The Supremes performing a Prop/Jazz dance to First Ride.

Donn Vee Jeffs held her annual Spring show on April 26 at Emery High. There were five groups of dancers that performed. The Minis, the Petites, the Supremes, the Elites, and the Teens. Jeffs currently has four assistant teachers, Danielle Whiteleather, Lindsey Magnuson, Stacy Clarke and Monique Stream, who also performed solos.

Members of the Minis are Kabri Butler, Lexi Chynoweth, Lexy Cox, Wyatt Cox, Afton Grindley, Brittany Hansen, Erin Hurst, Camrey Johnson, Taegin Justice, Jessica Mason, Mileena McElvaney, Tarryn Parkins, Jolee Sundstrom, and Allyson Woolsey.

Members of the Petites are Kodi Bell, Aspen Bloomer, Bethany Brown, Sarah Collard, Ashley Fairbanks, Bayler Griffin, Faith Grindley, Gentry Guymon, Kambrie Hinkins, Jadrie Huntington, Jarica Huntington, Paytn Jeffs, Mikaela Jensen, Morgan McCourt, Nizhoni Marasco, Madison McCourt, McCoy Kemple, Hanna Nielson, Kaitlyn Saling, Kamrie Simmons, and Savannah Woolsey.

The Supremes include Trinidee Bell, Jentrie Allred, Auminee Bennett, Jaden Gordon, BreAnn Gunderson, Jaiden Huntington, Blayr Jeffs, Cassidy Luke, Makalie Morgan, Morgan McCourt, Allie Ockey, Hayley Procarione, Whitney Roper, Laurel Roundy, Jessica Seavers, and Cindi Lynn Stevens.

Elites are Ann Dee Adams, Kelsy Faimalo, Beverly Gilpin, Danyale Jensen, DeAnn Jensen, Kassidee Jensen, Alex Johnson, Shalayne Luke, Tanya Luke, Leisha Magnuson, Taylor Ockey, Krystal Richardson, Kaija Saling, McCall Spears, and Kara Stilson.

Malissa Bell, Shawnee Grindley, Brittany Huntington, Kylie Jensen and Nicole Murray are in the teen class.

The groups performed several numbers ranging from song and dance numbers to cheer, tap, jazz, ballet and cha-chas. The mini class performed a special number with their mothers. The Petite class performed a number entitled "Little Bride" where they were escorted onto the stage by their fathers.

Costumes were put together by Gayla Luke, Launa Luke, Sara Grindley and Danielle Whiteleather.

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