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District Spelling Bee Winners

Kunal Sah from BookCliff Elementary was first and Brett Mecham from Huntington Elementary placed second.

Kunal Sah, a fourth grade student from Book Cliff Elementary in Green River, took top honors in this year's Emery District Spelling Bee. Twenty-three students grades 4-8, competed at Emery High Little Theater recently. Although the Deseret News is no longer sponsoring the spelling bee, the rules are similar. After several rounds of intense competition the final two spellers were Brett Mecham, sixth grade from Huntington Elementary, and Kunal Sah. Brett misspelled "beachhead," at which point Kunal was required to spell that word correctly plus "abominable" in order to be declared overall winner. Each school held contests prior to the district spelling bee. These grade winners then advanced to the district but will compete no further. Students participating are as follows: fourth grade winners Spencer Fehlberg, Jacob Tuttle, Melissa Atwood, Mandy Langston, Kunal Sah, Jade Fielder and Brooke Jensen; fifth grade-Hadan Hatch, Miranda Stokes, Keith Bird, Brian Langston, Courtney Carter-Burton, Larelan Huntsman; sixth grade-Brett Mecham, Whitney Saupan, Randi Rhodes, Brittany Gibbons, Marvin Arnold, Cory Collard; seventh grade-Allison Petersen, Tamara Luke and eighth grade-Jacob Begay and Camille Fehlberg.

Tom Baltzer and Doug Mecham, Emery District, were in charge of the spelling bee. Julie Taylor and Jennifer Lopez, Southeast Service Center, proctored the contest.

Emery District wishes to extend congratulations to all those students who participated.

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