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Thunder on the Desert

Larry Williams takes score while Clifford Oviatt aims at the silhouette on the trail walk. The animal shaped silhouettes were set up at four different shooting stations. The shooters also shot at suckers, spoons, straws, charcoal bricketts, strings and playing cards.

The Bookcliff Muzzleloaders Club from Emery and Carbon counties held their annual spring shoot at the Buckhorn Draw on May 2-4.

Shooters from throughout the state of Utah competed in an aggregate shoot which was won by Sam Espinoza of Price. The top lady shooter was Deby Coombs from Fountain Green.

All competitors received a prize which they picked from the many items on the prize blanket. A mountain man run, tomahawk throw, pistol shoot, blackpowder shoot and a team shoot were also held.

The kids participated in kids games and the ever popular candy cannon was shot off. A cannon blast awakened the shooters each morning to a day of activity.

There were 95 shooters participating in the shooting event and numerous spectators. Andy Schmidt is the club president and Kim Hansen is the range officer.

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