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2002 Legistlative Session Underway

Jan. 17 was the last day of the interim pre-session of the 2002 Legislative Session. The 2002 General Session of the 54th Legislature began Jan. 21. The interim pre-session was necessary to make up for time that will be lost due to the two-week adjournment for the Winter Olympics.

During the interim, the legislature was in committee meetings preparing legislation for debate during the general session and adjusting for the shortfall in the 2002 budget.

Two bills presented by Representative Bradley T. Johnson are on track and numbered. The first is HB-253, Rural Schools Equity in Education, which would provide scholarship money for teachers who teach more than one subject to help further their education; and HB-208, Government Acquisition of Property, which would require legislative approval before land could be transferred to federal ownership.

"The interim pre-session has been a new and exciting experience for even the most seasoned legislator. It has been a pleasure serving the people of Emery, Sanpete and Sevier counties as your voice in the House of Representatives," said Representative Johnson. "Please feel free to contact me during the General Session with your concerns or input. I look forward to being of service to you."

To contact Representative Johnson call 801-538-1029, or by email at

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