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Truck/trailer accident in Castle Dale

A truck and trailer roll over in Castle Dale reduces the 2011 Outback trailer into rubble.
At right: the trailer creates a large pile of debris.
The Truck and trailer end up on the east side of the road down the embankment.
The truck comes to rest with the passenger side door in the air.


On Sept. 12 there was an accident on the big corner coming into Castle Dale. A 30 year old Salt Lake woman was driving the truck with a six year old passenger. Shaun Alton from the Utah Highway Patrol said they were both wearing seat belts which saved them from serious injury. They were both transported to Castleview Hospital for evaluation.

The group of campers were heading to Millsite State park.

According to Officer Alton the truck and trailer were headed southbound on SR-10. The vehicle was traveling too fast and began to whip around the corner. The driver hit the brakes which caused more whipping and the truck and trailer traveled across the northbound lane where they rolled off the embankment on the east side of the road. The truck came to rest with the passenger side door in the air. Family members helped clean-up the scene and transported the salvagable items from the trailer. The trailer was completely torn apart in the accident and the truck received severe damage.

The body of the trailer was torn from the frame and debris was scattered over a large area.

Officer Alton said this is a reminder to observe the speed limit around that corner which is 55 mph.

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