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By Terry and Anne Kallas Family

To the citizens of Emery County, Utah,

I'm not a resident of Emery County but I do own property there in the Huntington Canyon area. Now that the Seeley Mountain fire has been extinguished and life is back to normal somewhat, I want to comment on my experience with the Emery County Sheriff's Office during that fire.

Once we realized we were in trouble on this fire we started to gather our most important items at our Emery County property and to prepare ourselves to evacuate those items. I was directed to contact the Emery County Sheriff's Office to arrange for an escort into the canyon and to our property.

I contacted Sheriff Greg Funk. He was considerate, and most helpful. He arranged to have Capt. Jeff Thomas meet us at the road block. Capt. Thomas was waiting for us when we arrived and immediately took us into the canyon and to our property.

Over the course of the next few weeks both Sheriff Funk and Capt. Thomas were incredibly helpful to us. We received update calls both evening and morning. We were kept informed so that we could make decisions on our end that were important to us. But not only did Sheriff Funk and Capt. Thomas treat us with great respect, but so did others who helped us. Sgt. Dusty Butler, Deputy Shaun Bell and others were all incredibly helpful and showed sincere concern during a very difficult time for us.

In the end we lost some beautiful acreage to the fire but our structures were spared. I feel I would be most ungrateful if I didn't speak up and let these officers know how much we appreciated their assistance and to let you the citizens of Emery County know what fine and professional officers they have serving them in the Emery County Sheriff's Office.

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