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Sheriff reports a number of break-ins in the area

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said there have been a number of burglaries and thefts in the county recently. The thief has been breaking down doors to gain entry and in some cases where the door is open, just walking into the residence.

Thieves are looking for items they can use, pawn, sell or trade. It's important to keep your valuables locked up and safe from intruders. The sheriff reminds everyone to lock their doors, garages and their vehicles. Items taken have included jewelry and guns. Det. Jerod Curtis is reminding everyone to look out for their neighbors, if you know your neighbors are at work all day and someone shows up at their house, then be suspicious. It's OK to call into the sheriff's office just to have them check and make sure a burglary isn't taking place. Report any suspicious activity taking place, strange vehicles and unknown people. Also, make sure you can report a suspect description and a vehicle description with a license plate number if possible.

Sheriff Funk said one concern they have is the burglaries have been very brazen and in broad daylight. If anyone has any information about a burglary that took place Friday, please call into the sheriff's office. "We really need the people to be the eyes and ears of the community. Be aware of your surroundings and be alert to what's happening in your neighborhood. If you saw anything suspicious on Sept. 28 in Huntington, then let us know. Keep things locked up and keep your doors locked. People are walking in open doors."

Det. Curtis said with these crimes, people are walking up and knocking on doors to find out who is home in a neighborhood, if no one's home then they will enter the home. If someone answers the door then they will just make something up like they are looking for someone and then they will leave and go elsewhere where there isn't anyone home. If someone isn't home then they have been going around back and breaking down the back door to gain entry.

Report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the Emery County Sheriff's Office at 381-2404.

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