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More Efficient Yard Watering

Staff Writer

As we begin our fifth watering season during the current drought, the Emery Water Conservancy District sponsored a landscape and irrigation seminar. The purpose of this seminar was to educate the users of large amounts of water for landscape watering.

Joseph Whittaker, water conservation specialist for the Bureau of Reclamation's Provo office taught the class and demonstrated methods of conserving water without losing the quality of your landscape.

Jack Rogers, Castle Dale city councilman, attended the class and said, "This class was so informative, not only for people with large landscapes, but for all the residents of Emery County. I approached Whittaker and requested that he come back and demonstrate to everyone in the county his methods of conserving water."

Rogers stated that if there is enough interest in the communities, on May 20, Whittaker will return to Emery County to teach a day and an evening class for the general public. This information will help the homeowners of the county to conserve water and also allow them to maintain their yards.

Whittaker will demonstrate how to test your own soil to determine the correct amount of water to use. Then, he will show the participants how to use food cans to evaluate the coverage of their sprinklers or sprinkling system. The cans are distributed around the sprinkling pattern and the water is then measured to determine the number of inches and the amount of time to achieve optimum watering. These methods will produce efficiency in water use and a healthier lawn in the process.

The soils in Emery County have already been tested and the bureau has determined average water usage for the efficient maintainence of a healthy lawn. If you are interested in attending the class, call Castle Dale City Hall, 381-2115.

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