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Public Land and the MOU


Dear Editor,

I would like to bring out how hard our county commissioners, Utah Association of Counties, Utah Trust Land Administration and the State of Utah work to accomplish what they have for, us the people of Utah. The April 9 memorandum of understanding with Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior, is the far reaching accomplishment our elected officials have gained for us.

This MOU removes the need for litigation on most of the RS-2477 roads we use on Bureau of Land Management land. Some of these roads will be contested and will require a decision in our courts. Think of the money this will save taxpayers in quieting the title on these roads. It took three years time, 100,000 man hours, and $1 million to accomplish the MOU. What would the time, man hours and money be required to quiet the title if each road had to be taken through our courts.

I appreciate our officials for this great accomplishment.

If you missed the Progress article "Notable Day for RS-2477 Road System," published April 9 by our Editor Patsy Stoddard, please find and study it. This article will give the information needed to understand this federal land policy.

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