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Nielson Construction to burn slash piles on Quitchupah road

Large piles of debris from the clearing of the road will be burned.

The location for the burn project is located in Sevier County, along the Quitchupah Road right of way, near highway 10. Also, approximately 6 miles north of I-70 and 6 miles south of the town of Emery. Over the next few months, Nielson Construction under the direction of the Bureau of Land Management will be burning several slash piles along the Quitchupah road construction project, when weather conditions permit.

The Quitchupah Road Piles are within BLM managed lands of the Richfield Field Office. Piles of slash have been mechanically erected as a result of this project during the road pioneering phase.

The primary fuels treatment objective of this pile burn is to reduce the existing wildland fire hazard resulting from activity fuels, thus reducing potential negative effects from future wildland fire to surrounding administered lands.

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