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Emery High to present Lucky Stiff on Nov. 15-17

Team members not in order: Khaegan Robertson, Chase Jewkes, Logan Cox, Kannon Toomer, Cameron Nelson, Kaden Draper, Dalton Jeffs, Nathan Urie, Eli Richards, MckoyHolt, Bryce Dugmore, Chad Callard, TJ Lacock, Zachary Jorgensen, Nacio Arrien, Jorden Deto, Gage VanBuren, Rowdie Driessen, Devon Miller, Deryk Fuller, Aaron Reeve, Jacob Huntsman, Triston Tuttle, Oscar Reid, Devin Willson, Buskin Allred, Dalton Mckee, Logan Labrum, Koby Butler, Casey Jensen, Derek Anderson, Wyatt Mead, Steven Ledger, Mason Moss, Will Smith, Kasen Caldwell, Thomie Lucas, Jordan Shakespaere, Jared Snow, Kolton Butler, Ethan Winter, Dezmon McCourt and Thomas Sawyer. Cheerleaders: Sierra Benson, Josie Bjarnson, Ashilee Byington, Shayla Cologie, Becca Furner, Cheyanne Winn, Aubrey Baker, Carlee Anderson, Felicia Burton, Gerrilynn Mead, Katelyn Sitterud, Allie Sitterud, Jadree Huntington, Courtney Lindsey, Brettlyn Tuttle, Kaitlyn Hansen and mascot Drake Hoffman. Coaches are Yory Allred and Jarett Gilbert. Managers are Tanyon Allred, Carlie Robinson, Hayden Cloward and Corben Bloomer.
On Nov. 15, 16, 17 the Emery High Theatre Department will present the musical comedy "Lucky Stiff." The musical will be presented in the Emery High Auditorium beginning each night at 7 p.m. with tickets being $3 for students and children and $4 for adults.

This musical comedy is the story of Harry Witherspoon, a young shoe salesman, living in a local boarding house, who is informed that an uncle, whom he has never met, has died leaving him a large sum of money. Harry's uncle Anthony had been murdered and in his will he left $6 million to Harry if he would take Anthony's taxidermied body to Monaco in the south of France for a vacation. On this vacation Harry and Anthony's body would go water skiing, dancing, night-clubbing, sky diving, and a whole lot of things that Anthony wanted to do while he was alive but never had the time to do.

Should Harry fail to accomplish all of the activities, exactly as described, the $6 million would go to the Brooklyn Home for Dogs. This leads the Dog Home to send an agent - Annabel Glick to make sure that Harry keeps his promises and, maybe even to mess him up a bit. In the meantime, we learn that the $6 million had actually been embezzled from the New York mob by Rita LaPorta and her brother and then given to uncle Anthony. With the mob after these two they head for Monaco to try to get the money back from Anthony. From this set up the comedy really gets going.

The cast of 20 includes Colton Clement as Harry, Marissa Urie as Annabel, Nicole McCandless as Rita, and Jeremiah Luke as her brother. Lucky Stiff is a fun comedy-musical that is suitable for the whole family.

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