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Emery County Care and Rehab to expand services

Emery County Care and Rehab staff members: Left to Right, front row: Jayne Richards, Darcy Keele, Diane Tadehara L to R, back row: Larry Friis, Jarilyn Spears, Anna Dye, Barb Moore, Patricia Monosso, Heidi Bowden, Gil Bowden.
Remodeled rooms are available for assisted living.

The Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center is adding another service at their facility. Director Larry Friis said the center is setting aside 10 beds as a community service for High Function Skilled residents. A High Function Skilled Resident is one who will live relatively independent but who has need of medication monitoring. An example of this would be one who has diabetes or some other illness that needs to be monitored for control, tracking and medication dispensing. Sometimes it is not more than reminding one to have medications at appropriate times of the day. The High Functioning Skilled Patient will receive three meals a day, bathing facilities and laundry services along with other conveniences as needed.

These 10 beds will be available for private pay individuals with an average cost of approximately $85 per day or $2,550 a month.

Friis said, "The south wing will be open for this service. This will be for private pay individuals who will be able to personalize their rooms. A resident will be able to bring their own television, furniture, pictures, or other items that will be conducive to personal comfort. There is desk space available for computers," said Friis.

These rooms offer some private showers and we are ready to accept patients now. "We offer these rooms to those individuals who want some independent living, but who need some care also. They will be free to come and go from the facility and can maintain a personal vehicle if they wish.

"These independent people can still drive and do things on their own, such as attend doctors appointments or do other activities and we will be here to assist them as needed.

"For instance, someone might choose our facility because they have been here recovering after a hospital event and decide they like the extra help. The help here makes residents more comfortable. In this situation they could decide to move to our independent living wing and also bring a spouse with them, if they choose. Sometimes spouses cannot care for their loved one at home and we can help with that too. Our facility can be used for those who need help and who might be partially dependent on others. We can help spouses maintain some independence as they help care for their loved one.

"Some couples may decide they like the extra help with setting up doctors appointments and having their meals cooked and they might enjoy the laundry service. We can do all those things and provide medical care as needed. This allows freedom for the residents, but also a level of care they won't receive at home. This is a service not being offered in Ferron. We are accepting residents now. We encourage citizens to come and have a look at our facility," said Friis.

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