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Castle Dale City Discusses the Safety of Children in Areas of Concern

Staff Writer

During the May council meeting two items concerning the city's children were discussed the first of which was safety. There is a piece of private commercial property which must be accessed behind some residences. A concerned mother addressed the council as to the speed of the large trucks entering and exiting the property.

The property is zoned commercial and has a business. Several times daily, large trucks enter and exit through the right-of-way that is situated between two homes. Both homes have several small children who play near the area. The resident reported that most of the drivers entering the business are hauling trailers and other large items and travel too fast as they use the right-of-way to enter the private business.

The council reviewed maps of the area of concern and zoning regulations to the business. The right-of-way was discussed and possible solutions to reduce the speed of the large vehicles as they enter the property. After a lenghty discussion, the council approved to put a stop sign and a caution sign on the city owned right-of-way. The council requested a follow up meeting with the concerned parents to evaluate the situation following the installation of the signs.

Another item discussed by the council was the restroom at Cheddar Field. The city maintenance supervisor, Tom Maier reported that the toilet in that restroom had to be replaced again. Someone in the neighborhood has vandalized the restroom necessitating the toilet replacement several times.

Maier informed the council that he had cleaned out wood chips from the surrounding landscaping numerous times, but the damage from this incident required that the toilet be replaced. The council discussed several options to alleviate this costly problem.

They approved the solution to lock the restrooms. The only time the restrooms will be unlocked will be during sanctioned ball games at the park or during family gatherings when a representative from that family obtains a key from the city hall.

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