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Adobe Wash Dam

Work is almost complete at the Adobe Wash dam.

New dam adds to water storage capacity in county

A recent tour given by Howard Tuttle of the Johansen and Tuttle Engineering Company provided the following information on the Adobe Wash dam. The Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company, Johansen and Tuttle Engineering and Nielson Construction are close to finishing the Adobe Wash dam, along the Coal Haul Road, West of Orangeville and South of the XTO Company. There is a large crew of workers and many kinds of trucks, backhoes, graders, and other kinds of equipment being used to complete this project.

The Adobe Wash dam is expected to be completed by December 1. The dry weather this fall has been very helpful. Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company is building the Adobe Wash dam to supply pressurized water in pipelines to the farms and gardens that now use flood irrigation. Those farms will be able to install pressurized sprinkler systems for more efficient crop growth. Orangeville City will also benefit as Orangeville's secondary water system will be connected to pressurized water coming from the Adobe Wash dam. It is anticipated that the pipelines carrying water to the users will save approximately 30 percent of the water which has been lost in the past due to evaporation and seepage out of the canal walls.

A portion of the Cottonwood Creek water will flow from the diversion dam in Cottonwood Creek into a canal past control gates, trash collecting screens and into a 63 inch pipeline. That pipe will carry the water to the Adobe Wash

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