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Shady Acres

John and Michele Corrigan purchased Shady Acres in Green River in 1998. Their first visit to the area was in 1997. As an avenue to get away from the problems of the big city, they moved their family of three boys here to the small town atmosphere from Glendale, Ariz. "It's smaller than we had envisioned, but we are very happy here." Corrigan said. "The people here are really friendly and the whole town is there for you if you need them."

The couple operate the convenience store, gas station, car wash, laundromat, 100 space RV park and Blimpie's Restaurant. With the help of Michele's parents and 12-13 employees, Shady Acres operates year round. Many of the employees were on staff when the Corrigan's purchased the business and "We have the best crew in town," Corrigan stated. Since their arrival, they have only had one bad experience with an employee, but on the whole they have found most of their neighbors and friends honest, open and law abiding.

Employees of the Blimpies Restaurant at Shady Acres work hard to make their guests' stay an enjoyable one.

Business is rather intense in the summer with the tourist traffic from I-70, but everyone gets "to catch their breath" during the winter months. The freeway is the main artery that sustains the whole town.

The business experience from the screen printing business the couple operated in Arizona had prepared them somewhat for their new adventure. They are learning to handle the very different situations that can arise daily in a tourist based facility.

"In the future, we would like to expand the RV park with more spaces and cabins, and perhaps a pool. We've already purchased additional land. We might add to our store or bring in another fast food franchise. Most of the business in Green River consists of catering to the traveler or tourist with food, fuel or accommodations and we think this will continue," said Corrigan.

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