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One Last Race

Sports Reporter

Dillion Hickok places eighth in the intermediate hurdles.

Track season at Emery High School came to an end with the state 3-A track meet at BYU. On probably the best weekend of the year weather wise, the boy's team and the girl's team traveled to Provo for the two-day affair and came away with several individuals placing in the tournament.

For the ladies team, only Jennifer Nielson was successful in her events, as she placed sixth in both the 100m hurdles and the 300m hurdles. Her six points allowed Emery to finish 19th in the meet.

For the men's team, three athletes exceeded their best distances ever and placed at the meet. Curt Jensen had never cleared more than 5'10" and he high jumped 6'0" to place sixth in the meet. Corey Montgomery long jumped 20'41/2" for his best jump ever and third place. Bruce Clements threw the discus 135'4" to place second in the meet. Dillon Hickok, although he did not exceed his best time ever, ran the 300m hurdles and placed eighth in the meet.

The Emery boys finished in 16th place with 16 points.

Despite the low totals at the state meet, head coach Darrell Gardner was pleased with the kids that stuck it out. "I considered it a very good year, we did not win state or region, but with the kids we have had out, it was very rewarding to see where they are now from where they started at just a few months ago." Coach Gardner went on "Bruce Clements, now there is a story. Bruce started the spring throwing the discus around 90 feet or so. He asked to practice every day and even asked to take the discus home on weekends and look at what he did, second at state at 135 feet. My life motto has always been 'Winners never quit and quitters never win' and Bruce is a good example of that."

Coach Gardner was also pleased with the progress of Curt, Corey and Dillon as " they all stuck it out and they were rewarded for their efforts."

Girls Head Coach Kevin Reynolds was appreciative of the girls that came out, thought that they gave all that they had and they did the best that they could do.

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