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Every once in a while the world seems to be upside down and this college football season was one of those times, especially here in the state of Utah. I don't believe that ever in my life could one consider the Utah State Aggies to be the best football team in this state. The conversation has always focused around BYU and the University of Utah. That conversation never included the team to the north. They just aren't recognized as being that great in football. Even though BYU did sneak out a win over the Aggie this season, the talk was always about just how good this Utah State team was doing. I associate with several former Utah State alumni and I really have to say that they became quite obnoxious as the season ran on.

Texts and emails constantly, Aggie flags all over their vehicles and constant chatter about Logan. It went on and on and on.

But now as the season has ended for all the Utah teams I must confess that I am proud of what Utah State accomplished this season. They finished in the top 20 in the nation in the football rankings and played great ball all season, they made people notice.

I like the fact that so much of the press in the state was talking about them rather than the other two bigger schools. I must confess that I am a BYU follower but I am tired of listening to all the pros and cons of being independent rather than a conference member.

I am even more tired of hearing from Ute fans that "hey, we are a member of the PAC-12 and we are special" and that statement is almost always followed by a nah nah na nah nah.

Utah State does not get the headlines for recruiting the top players from around the country or even from around this state, it just never has happened. This season it didn't matter as the players and coaches came together to have a wonderful season and reinforce that old principle of hard work reaps rewards.

Now I know that the coach has left for greener pastures but it doesn't take away from the just concluded season. It was special and it should give all of us hope because it shows that rewards will come with hard work. The underdog shining is cause for all of us to be proud, good job Aggies.

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