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State Tsa Conference Winners

The Technology Students of America held its annual technology/leadership/engineering contests recently at Brigham Young University.

Winners from the Emery High team were: Chris Peterson and Wylee Merrell, second in construction systems; Falon Gilson, second in imaging technology; Leo Wright and Kyle Scow, second in technology challenge; and Garrett DeBry, second in transportation modeling.

Winners from Canyon View Junior High were: Brittany Ungerman and Heidi VanWagoner, first in challenging technology issues; Brittany Ungerman, Heidi VanWagoner, Jex Jensen, Melissa Justice, Miles Sherman and Nikki Gardner, second for the chapter team; Matthew Mogensen, second, and Tate Jensen, third in electrical applications; Luke Stoddard, Miles Sherman and Vic Rosen, second in leadership challenge; Paul Arnold, first in manufacturing challenge; and Chelsea Killian, second in prepared speech.

Winners from San Rafael Junior High were: Morgan Clark, second in marine design challenge; and Morgan Hardy, first, and Jake Jones, third in transportation challenge.

Wylee Merrell from Emery High, received the TSA scholarship this year.

Advisor from Emery High is Jim Keele, from Canyon View Junior High is Mark Hansen and from San Rafael Junior High is Creig Cox. Ed Clark, vocational director, was the senior advisor over all the schools. Wayne Roberts was the assistant advisor.

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