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Sport's stuff by Gary Arrington


Flipping through the channels to find something worth watching brought me to ESPN and something called the Grumman Military Bowl. I watched for a minute or two. One team was San Jose State and the other was BGSU, whoever that is. And the game was being played where; I don't know cause I never hung around long enough to find out. The Grumman Military Bowl? Why? Whose brainstorm was this and why? Do we really need a bowl game by this name?

And where were the fans, the stadium was practically empty. If bowl games were designed to reward schools for having a good year and to provide extra income, I would think the only way to accomplish this would be to have fans in the seats. Evidently neither the local fans nor the fans from the hometown of the schools playing wanted to travel to this game. And that is the problem with college football today; games being played before nobody in places nobody wants to go to.

Utah State just won the Famous Idaho Potato bowl and my thought is, who cares outside of Logan. Nobody. And do we really need a bowl named the Famous Idaho Potato bowl. I think not and I am from Idaho and Boise is a nice city but it is cold this time of year in Idaho. I grew up watching bowl games in locations like Miami, New Orleans, Dallas and Pasadena. These are locations that are warm and exotic and romantic.

Now we have bowl games in places like Boise and Albuquerque and such and these places are not hot vacation destinations, actually they are rather cold and not exactly where I would go to watch a game.

So what can be done about the charade that is posing as postseason for college football? We really don't need all these games with all the weird names. What we really need is a solution. The smartest people in the world work at these schools, or at least that is what they tell us, so why can't they solve the problem.

The problem is football rules college sports and changes are being made so that schools will have their proper reward. Solve the problem, have a playoff. Scrap the bowl games that nobody watches and nobody travels to and have a playoff.

Let all schools in, split the money equally and have a true playoff system to where all have equal opportunity. It is simple. Form football conferences and let the other sports do whatever they want to, leave them out of the football thing.

Let football winners matter, fans will go if the games matter and right now most do not. With a playoff, they will matter and fans will be everywhere. Unfortunately this will never happen, it is too simple. The haves will not give up their kingdom and let the have-nots in. That is too bad because the answer is simple.

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