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Letters to the Editor

By Carl Kem

I am a bit late in extending an apology for a misunderstanding between myself and a few people. I already spoke with them about this, and duly apologized. The issue was when I did my last Letter to the Editor I thought the editor left out part of my letter, when in fact I forgot to add it. My error.

When I complained about the pricing in the area, I failed to note it was the fuel prices. I have said this time and time again- it's pretty bad when I can get gasoline in Moab during tourist season cheaper than I can in Green River. Transportation isn't the factor, you have an Interstate Highway going right through town. If it wasn't for the Free Market system America is known for I'd call it theft. That's the pricing issue I had. I had even apologized in advance to one person I learned might feel targeted. Well, he still felt that way and said so even though I told him he wasn't. A couple more businesses also turned me away for that same reason. Does that bother me? No. I never had a problem with them and the pricing issue. I guess they feel guilty for some reason.


As for employment, a few people hounded me for a week or so wanting to know who I had sought employment with and was turned away. I failed to mention that this is a problem I found in Grand, Emery, Carbon and Sevier counties. I won't say who it was. They know and I know.

As for the local businesses, unless I have already confronted you on an issue, you're not targeted. I have no reason to blindside someone. If you felt targeted anyhow, perhaps you should reflect on why you feel that way. But that's OK. It's never too late to repent.

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