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Letter to the Editor: Rate Increase

St. George

Dear Editor,

From recent articles appearing in our newspapers, Utah Power and Light Co, i.e. PacifiCorp, i.e. Scottish Power has applied to the public service commission for a rate increase of 12.5 percent, which would raise the average retail customers bill up approximately $8.47 based on a household using 1,000 kilowatt hours per month.

I would hope that the Utah State Public Service Commission would request from PacifiCorp general office a listing of any and all gratuities such as bonuses, increases in salary or any other type of cash remuneration the head honcho's gave themselves each year for the past five years in, year end, gratuities.

I would further hope that we have a state legislator in office now that has the intestinal fortitude to pass a bill to the effect any public service utility company that gives their high echelon officers or directors in top management year end bonuses or any other type of gratuity be restricted to five years before applying for another rate increase.

I would like to see our legislators make provisions where as the public service commission must notify the Consumer Protection Agency and allow them input on all utilities requesting rate increase evaluation.

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