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Letters to the Editor

By Nicole Giles

Right to Work/At Will employment rule

My Name is Nicole Giles and I am trying to get some exposure for my petition for an alteration of the Right to Work Law/ At Will Employment Rule in Utah.

My Petition: Most Americans believe that being a decent and hardworking employee will provide a certain degree of job security, but that is a common misconception for those who live in a Right to Work state with an At Will Employment rule. As of now, you can be terminated without just cause despite your tenure or work ethic. Being employed in a Right to Work state shouldn't mean, as a worker, you have no rights. We are proposing an alteration of the Right To Work Law/At Will Employment rule in Utah, so that employees cannot be terminated without sufficient cause after five consecutive years of employment with a company. Please sign our petition and promote fair rights for good employees in Utah. To sign this petition, please visit:

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