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Doug Miller Visits Goblin Valley

Staff Writer

Doug Miller interviews Green River Mayor Glen Dale Johnson.

Doug Miller from KUTVs Channel 2 received a warm welcome from the Hoo-Doos in Emery County recently. With the temperature hovering around 107 degrees, on May 27-28, Miller was in Goblin Valley State Park and the surrounding area to film segments for his Saturday night "Outdoors with Doug Miller" television show.

Miller is making a seven state park tour this summer and Goblin Valley was his second stop. He began his stay with Tim Smith, Southeast Regional director for the state parks, from Moab, on a hike into Little Wild Horse Canyon. "That canyon hike was one of the finest and best I've been on," said Miller.

Following the hike, the group, including Eugene Swalberg, assistant manager Goblin Valley and Green River State Parks, took a 4-wheeler tour around Temple Mountain.

The scenic vistas and breathtaking panaramas greeted Miller at every turn. "I've always liked this area and considered it to be one of the best places to visit. Tim told me that a person couldn't visit Goblin Valley without experiencing the surrounding attractions as well. He was right. It was wonderful," Miller said.

Tim Smith, Aaron Farmer, Eugene Swalberg, Blaine Luke, Doug Miller and Green River Mayor Glen Dale Johnson meet at Goblin Valley.

Miller, accompanied by his camermen, stayed in Goblin Valley State Park for two nights and took in all that time would allow.

When the time came for the live on air news broadcasts, during which Miller would interview Mayor Glen Dale Johnson from Green River and Blaine Luke, manager of Goblin Valley and Green River State Parks, the goblins of the valley did their work and interferred with the satellite hookups. Miller and his crew continued to work at making the connections for the broadcasts, but it was not to be.

Miller then taped interviews with the two to use on his weekly outdoors show which airs every Saturday night at 11 p.m. on Channel 2.

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