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Three winners in Sterling Scholar competition

Rachel Roberts in math, Tyler Pulli in science and KC Kofford in trade and technology.


The Sterling Scholar competition was held on March 5 at USU Eastern. Twelve Emery High Students participated. There were three winners Rachel Roberts in math, Tyler Pulli in science and KC Kofford in trade and technology. Runner ups included Corbin Barnett in foreign language, Jessica Guymon in general scholarship, Hailee Rogers in business and marketing, Colton Clement in speech and drama and Jeremiah Luke in visual arts.

Monument Valley was the host school for this year's event. Clayton Long and Griselda Rogers were the masters of ceremony. The program was the 33rd annual and highlighted 57 outstanding students.

Chancellor Joe Peterson from USU Eastern welcomed the students to the campus. He said he loves this area and region. "You may go away for awhile, to further your education; but, come back. This area needs you. You are learning Schwarzeneggers and we need you back to create and sustain our region. We are proud to host this event and hope you feel very much at home here."

Doug Wright, superintendent of the San Juan School District spoke to the Sterling Scholars calling them all winners. He told the scholars they have so much potential. He likened the scholars to Simba of the Lion King, when he was born he was held up for all to see. He had great potential. Superintendent Wright quoted the lyrics from the song, The Circle of Life. "From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking, step into the sun, there's more to see than can ever be seen more to do than can ever be done; there's far too much to take in here. More to find than can ever be found, but the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky keeps great and small on the endless round. It's the Circle of Life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love till we find our place on the path unwinding In the Circle."

"There are many paths in life, some that lead to greatness and others to mediocrity," said Superintendent Wright. He quoted from the Robert Frost poem, "The road not taken." He said there is always a road not taken. Make the best of the road you're on. He shared a Yogi Berra quote and he said "when you arrive at a fork in the road take it."

Each of the students prepared a portfolio outlining their subject and the work they have completed in the subject area along with opportunities they have had to serve their community. The judges interviewed each of the nominees and reviewed their portfolios. Along with a pin, certificate and a $600 scholarship award, winners become eligible for scholarships at the universities and colleges in Utah.

Cassidy Augustine from Monument Valley read a tribute to parents, teachers and all those who have helped the students get ready for the competition.

The music sterling scholar Jake Carpenter played an original musical composition. Christian Johnston the sterling scholar for speech and drama presented a dramatic selection from Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

After the awards were presented, Brock Johansen the CEO of Emery Telcom, one of the sponsors of the event congratulated the students. He said the purpose of education is not just to teach students facts, but to teach students to think. "You are just starting your education. You have a long ways to go. Many doors will be open to you. I challenge you to get as much education as possible to better yourself. Congratulations," said Johansen.

Other winners this evening included: Chantz Richens-English from Carbon; Madison Alleman-social science from Carbon, Mary Rice, general scholarship from Grand, JoeCee Heil, business and marketing from Carbon; Jessica Pyatt-from Grand, winner in visual arts; Lexus Lathan, winner in family and consumer science from San Juan.

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