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Straight As an Arrow

BuckHorn Archers hold 3D shoot at Bear Creek Campground

Conlee Luke retrieves his arrow.

The Buckhorn Archers held a 3D fun shoot on June 7 at the Bear Creek Campground in Huntington Canyon. The archers shot at 20 targets on a challenging trail walk where they came upon many species of big game, small animals and an upright bear. The shooters aimed for the scoring ring where the smallest circle counted 12 points and so on until just a hit in the animal gave the competitor five points. There were approximately 50 shooters who came to try their luck on the course. The archers found a peg at each station where they were required to touch the peg with some part of their body while they took a shot at the animal down range. The targets were set-up among the trees and at many different angles. Some of the shots were uphill and some were downhill. Many of the targets were concealed in the trees with only a narrow pathway to the target usually lined with trees and limbs which were the topic of much colorful language.

There were fun shoots as well as a competition round. Ladies joined in the fun as well as youth from around the area. If you are interested in learning about the Buckhorn Archers Club and would like to know about their shoots, contact Carl Sitterud at 653-2417.

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