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Emery baseball with two region wins

Drexler Tanner gets ready to put the tag on the runner.

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The Emery High Spartan baseball team picked up their second region win of the season with a 9-1 victory over Monticello in Castle Dale last week and then padded their season record to 8-3 with a non-region win against Union, also in Castle Dale. That score was 13-8.

Monticello scored their lone run in the first inning as they had two singles in the inning of starting pitcher Dillon Wilstead, the only two hits of the game that Monticello got. Wilstead started off the game by striking out the first two batters and then allowing the two hits before getting the fifth batter to ground out to the pitcher.

Those two singles were the only two base hits of the game for Monticello. Wilstead went on to strike out 10 more batters as the Monticello line-up went down one-two-three in each of the next six innings.

Emery scored three runs in the bottom of the first inning, three more in the second inning, two runs in the third inning and a single run in the fourth inning to secure an easy win.

In that first inning, Tappen Draper walked, Wilstead walked, Ethan Tuttle walked and then Marco Mota got to second base on an error by the Monticello shortstop and three runs scored.

In the second inning, Baylee Bolotas walked and Drexler Tanner got Emery's first hit of the game, a single. Ridge Nielson then got on base due to another shortstop error and Gavin McDermott doubled and the Spartans had three more runs.

Mota doubled to open the third inning. After a pop fly Bolotas then singled. After Emery got their second out on a grounder, Nielson tripled to score the two runs. Emery's last run came after Wilstead singled to lead off the fourth inning, Tuttle singled and Mota singled to score the final run.

Against Union, Emery scored four times in the first inning, four more times in the second inning, once in the third inning and four more times in the sixth inning. The Cougars scored twice in the first inning, five times in the fourth inning and once more in the fifth inning.

Ridge Nielson, the sophomore shortstop for Emery, led the team in this game with the bat by going 5 for 5. Nielson had five straight singles in the game batting in the leadoff position. Number two batter in the lineup, Tappen Draper, went 4 for 4 and got on base the fifth time by being hit by a pitch.

In the bottom of the first inning, Nielson singled, Draper tripled, McDermott singled and Ethan Tuttle hit a homerun. Mota then had a double but did not score. In the next inning, Carson Healy singled, Tanner Lake walked, Nielson then singled as the top of the lineup was up again. Draper singled and McDermott singled to close out the hits in the inning.

The lone run in the third inning was scored by Drexler Tanner after he opened the inning with single. After the next two batters got out, Nielson and Draper then each singled and the final batter flew out to center field.

In the sixth inning, Tuttle doubled, three batters walked and then Nielson and Draper each singled again and the first four batters that got on scored.

Emery baseball is currently ranked second in the 2-A division with a game against a ranked Grand team Tuesday afternoon that will start to settle out the region order. Emery will then travel to Monticello Friday to play another region contest.

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