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MECCA San Rafael Bike Festival


Cyclers had their choice of four different desert rides.

The Emery County Cycling Association (MECCA) presented the 17th annual San Rafael Mountain Bike Festival on May 16-18. It all began with registration at 1 p.m. on May 16, at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River. After that the entire group of about 110 riders took a ride out toward the airport - FM Hill. This ride was followed by a spaghetti dinner and prize drawing. All riders received a prize.

The grand prizes included three new bicycles, a weeks stay in a condominium and a travel package worth over $100 from the Castle Country Travel Bureau. After a big breakfast on Saturday the riders split up to do their choice of four different desert rides. Each ride was lead by local guides (MECCA members) and followed by a support wagon with bike tools, supplies, and ice water.

The Emery County Sheriff's Posse cooked their famous Dutch oven dinner that evening and the group heard a few words from Mayor Glen Johnson of Green River, Drew Sitterud and Gary Kofford, Emery County commissioners. Sunday began with a continental breakfast followed by a final ride down Black Dragon. Every rider reported they had a wonderful time. There were even fewer injuries this year than usual, just a few scrapes and bruises.

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