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Huntington City asks for help with crosswalks

Huntington City would like to clarify some possible confusion involving the law as it relates to pedestrians in a crosswalk. The Utah codes annotated (Utah state law) address pedestrians and crosswalks in part 10 of title 41, chapter 6a.

The operator of a vehicle approaching a school crosswalk shall come to a complete stop at the crosswalk if; (a) A school speed limit sign has the warning lights operating and (b) the crosswalk is occupied by a person.

The difference being when a school cross walk is functioning as a school crosswalk (indicated by the flashing lights and a crossing guard present. Drivers must yield to a pedestrian when that pedestrian is anywhere in the crosswalk (either side of the roadway). Also remember the crossing guard is a pedestrian within the crosswalk anytime they are off of the curb, and on the pavement and within the marked crosswalk.

When there are areas where a driver will turn onto a street between the flashing lights and the crosswalk some drivers enter the crosswalk without passing through the flashing lights. These drivers are still responsible to obey the traffic laws as they apply to pedestrians in the school crosswalk.

Please pay attention and obey these laws, our children are extremely important to us and we want to do everything possible to protect them and keep them safe.

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