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National nurses week May 6-12

Director of Nursing Services
Emery County Care and Rehab

Here is your opportunity to thank your favorite or most frequented nurse! National Nurses Week is Monday, May 6th through Sunday, May 12th. We have all had an experience that was made better by a nurse somewhere in our past. It doesn't matter if it is distant past or recent past, chances are, you've been affected.

Nurses fill many shoes; bedside care, acute care, long-term care, and hospice care are just a few. There are technology nurses, office nurses, paperwork nurses, specialty nurses, school nurses, corporate nurses, research nurses, political nurses... They are every where.

Nursing as a single profession almost defies definition because there are so many fields. Nursing is also the profession found to be most trusted, by most people, most of the time. Nursing is considered to be a high-stress job in any setting. It's also a very satisfying job. Nurses can generally endure the stress for the often small, yet very personal gratification of being able to help another human. There is only one absolute in nursing: CHANGE. There will always be change in the field of nursing because it is a living career. The intrinsic desire to help and heal is the heartbeat. The evolution of nursing is the breath. The options and opportunities circulate. The successes nourish, the sights and sounds guide. The hope of nursing will be carried into the eternities because nurses never walk alone.

If you have been touched by a nurse, or know a nurse who may need to be reminded of their value - please take just a moment to let them know that they do, indeed, matter. I have been blessed by many nurses with wings in my life. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to my nurses who worked with me to raise our Medicare/Medicaid rating from three stars to four through our state survey in February. I am proud to say, "We are the only four star facility in the area." But mostly, I am honored to be a sister in the fight for life and health and honored to be 'DON-Diane'.

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