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ALCO donates tools

ALCO donated $17,815.68 to the Emery County School District.

ALCO donated $17,815.68 to the Emery County School District. ALCO is pleased to have this opportunity to support local organizations such as the Emery County School District. "Their efforts to provide quality public education to the children in our community is so important to Emery County, and we're glad to be a part of that. It is our hope that this donation will help make a difference in the work that they're able to do for the people of this community," said ALCO.

With a new assortment of hardware coming into ALCO stores this spring, the company was in a position to liquidate its on-hand supply. "Rather than selling it all at deeply-discounted prices, we felt it would be better for our business and our communities if we found a way to put this product where it would do the most good: in the hands of local organizations who could use these items to serve their clientele," ALCO said.

The donation included items such as light bulbs, smoke detectors, paint, hand tools, plumbing supplies, and basic hardware.

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