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Emery Business chamber welcomes Early Bird Daycare

Emery County Business Chamber President Julie Jones presents a plaque to the new business, Jake Jensen Tyler Jeffs-past chamber president, Johnny Jensen, Kortney Jensen and Jackie Jensen.

The Emery County Business Chamber welcomed a new business to the Emery County Business community. Jackie Jensen is the proud owner of Early Bird Daycare in Orangeville. The in-home day care is located at 450 North Main in Orangeville.

She opens at 5 a.m. each morning and she will work with parents on the pick-up time at night. She will accommodate the working schedules of the parents because she knows some people start early or work late and they need a good safe place for their children. She can have two children under the age of two and eight children altogether at one time. Hours are Monday-Friday, but weekends can be arranged, too. Her number is 609-0187.

Jackie said, "I love kids, my kids are getting older now and our baby Treyson will be 10 next week. We have a fenced area for the children to play outside. We have toys, games and will do educational activities with the children. We offer meals and snacks. We are licensed by the state of Utah. The state sends inspectors out to visit the daycare facilities and we have been inspected. I have a bulletin board where I put information for the parents including information about the nutrition program. There is a real need for day care in our area. There isn't anybody around that does this anymore. We are excited to offer this service and it's a new adventure for us. It's the first time I've done anything like this. But, I love kids and the more the merrier. We are accepting children now. We also plan on doing arts and crafts."

Jackie and her husband Kasey have four children Jake, Johnny, Treyson and Kortney.

The members of the Emery County Business Chamber participated in a ribbon cutting at the new business. Chamber president Julie Jones presented Jackie with a plaque from the Chamber to welcome her business.

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