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Huntington Canyon road open again

The road sluffs off at Horse Canyon.

On July 16 rain in Huntington Canyon caused flooding in the Old Folks Flat area and SR-31 was closed at Crandall Canyon.

The Utah Department of Transportation worked on the road and that time and it was reopened on July 17.

Another storm closed the canyon again and it remained closed until Saturday.

The rocks and debris were cleared from the road, but a trouble spot at Horse Canyon was discovered.

The water from Huntington Creek was undercutting the road at Horse Canyon.

A detour was constructed by UDOT which brings the west bound traffic into the eastbound lane and the westbound traffic diverts onto a new section where the road has been built up alongside the main road.

Water coming down Huntington Creek washed mud, rocks and debris onto the road.

The Huntington Creek is running high and is black with water runoff from off the burn area.

There was also water flowing over the North Cleveland road in the valley and flooding was experienced when a large amount of rain came down in a short period of time.

The Huntington Creek ran three feet higher than average during the flooding episodes.

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