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Grand Marshals for Emery County fair/Elmo Horse and Buggy Days

Marvin and Reba Hansen will serve as grand marshals for Fair days and Elmo Horse and Buggy Days.
Reba and Marvin Hansen in their younger years. They have always made their home in Emery County in Elmo.

Marvin and Reba Hansen have been named grand marshals to represent Elmo Town in the Emery County Fair Parade and for Elmo's Horse and Buggy Days. Marvin was born in Elmo to Ben and Liza Hansen in the same house they call home. Reba was born in Cleveland, Utah to Doyle and Anna Allred. They were married Sept. 17, 1955 at her parents home on the south flat road in Cleveland, Utah. They have lived their entire married life in Elmo. They have raised four daughters and have eight granddaughters and one grandson, in which they are very proud.

Marvin and Reba both worked for Emery County School District driving bus for more than 30 years. They are now both retired. Although retired, they love farming and continue to live a rancher's lifestyle raising cattle and sheep. Often they receive compliments on the good looking sheep surrounding their home. Marvin and Reba try to stay active riding their horses with their beloved collie, Sara. They also love going to Nine Mile Canyon where they take their cows.

Reba's love for playing softball still resides within her. She stopped playing fast pitch softball at the age of 53. Marvin always enjoyed watching her and took pride in her accomplishments. Like all true blooded farmers, they would get up early each summer morning to take care of the chores, hauling hay and caring for the animals so Reba and their girls could play softball. Reba has plenty of first place trophies she proudly displays in her home.

Marvin and Reba both participated in rodeos and still have a great love for going to rodeos. They like to travel to rodeos around the state to watch their grandson-in-law ride Saddle Broncs.

Marvin and Reba are proud to be Americans and always display our nation's flag.

Marvin considers Elmo, "God's Country". Daily you will see him in his truck riding around town. They don't venture far from Elmo, but when they do they are always asked "Where is Elmo?" Recently their grandson presented them with airline tickets to Montana. It was an adventure just getting them on the airplane, but once they arrived the blessings were bountiful.

The Hansen's consider the people of Elmo family. They live a modest lifestyle and are proud to be residents of Elmo. They have been active participants in Elmo Horse and Buggy Days celebration since the celebration began. They are known to carry the flags in the parade and are announcers for the annual Showdeo.

Marvin and Reba's daughters love them and are so very proud of their accomplishments.

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