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Cassidy and Spencer work to build school library in Belize

Spencer Fauver presents an Emery High towel to his new friend in Belize.

Returning from their trip to Belize, Spencer Fauver and Cassidy Labrum have much to report. Last February, some may remember that they were raising money to help build a school in the small community of Corozal, Belize. The experience of helping the people there was a life-changing one. Although the weather was hot usually around 100 degrees with 95 percent humidity, and the work was challenging, they dug footers, poured cement foundation and built cinderblock walls for the Calcutta Government School to add a small library and computer lab.

They had many exciting experiences where they participated in jungle zip-lining, cave tubing, and visiting ancient Mayan ruins. The most rewarding experience for both Spencer and Cassidy was when the school children held an assembly to thank all the volunteers by presenting each of them with a coffee mug stamped with Belize.

They later learned that in order to buy the mugs, the children had organized a fundraiser in which they sold some of their own clothes. They also learned the school had to cut back on supplies and spending to provide bottled water for the workers each day. This was truly humbling. Cassidy and Spencer both made many new little friends through the experience and would like to again thank everyone for contributing to this experience by supporting their fundraising efforts. It was a joy to serve these people. It is an experience they will never forget.

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