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Big winner in golf shot competition

KC Jones West lines up her golf shot where a little white ball wins her $10,000.
Janeice Pfander made a hole in one at the Green River Golf Course on August 4, on hole number three. Hit from the Red tee box, 83 yards, using an 8 iron and witnessed by Callie Pfander, Sarah Burnett and Becca Bastian.
Emery County Recreation Director Jake Atwood, KC Jones West winner of the $10,000 golf shot, Ben Lindley and Jesse Sitterud from Sitterud Insurance Solutions.

One small practice golf ball and a small bucket about 40 yards away was all it took for KC Jones West to win $10,000. Sitterud Insurance Solutions and the Emery County Fair sponsored the event.

Thirty people signed up for the shot, but as it turns out only two got a shot off. The first one didn't get any air and ran along the dirt floor of the indoor arena.

The second shooter up hit the ball high into the air and it just happened to come down in the small bucket.

This made a winner out of West.

This is the second big winner at the Emery County Fair in recent memory.

A few years back Lori Brady won $20,000 in the dice game where she spelled the word money with large dice.

West was excited about her win, she is a golfer so swinging a club isn't new to her.

Sitterud Insurance Solutions was happy to have a winner at the game. The rules required the event be video taped and the required paperwork be completed before the prize money will be awarded.

But, when the money comes in West will put it to good use.

Emery County Recreation Director Jake Atwood was happy the golf shot event was added to the fair schedule this year.

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