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Rocky Mountain Power to upgrade Ferron equipment

Ferron has been experiencing difficulties with their power lately. Distribution manager Dale Robertson from Rocky Mountain Power said, "The Ferron area has experienced three substantial outages during the past several weeks, and we want to apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. In addition, we want to provide you with a better understanding of what happened and the work currently under way to improve the reliability of your electric service.

"On June 9, a piece of equipment in the Ferron substation failed causing the first outage. It was repaired and service was restored.

"On July 29, a squirrel entered the Ferron substation and caused damage to some of the equipment, which was repaired and service was restored.

"On August 1, a transformer in the Ferron substation failed. As the transformer began to fail, Rocky Mountain Power personnel worked with the local sheriff's office in an attempt to provide as much notice to our customers as possible regarding the impending outage.

"A portable substation was immediately transported to Ferron and crews worked through the night in order to restore service.

"This portable substation is only a temporary fix until a new transformer can be installed.

"When the new transformer arrives, Rocky Mountain Power workers will install it in the substation and schedule a planned interruption to safely complete the transfer of service to the new equipment. We will work closely with your community leaders and will contact you to provide you with notice in advance and the expected duration of the planned outage.

"We appreciate your continued patience as we work to repair and improve the facilities serving your area. Two-way communication with our customers is vital to our success," said Robertson.

Please feel free to contact Autumn Braithwaite with questions. She may be reached toll free at 1-800-532-1626, extension 2434 or by email at

On Aug. 15, a new transformer will arrive at the Ferron substation and the old transformer will be removed. There was not an outage associated with this work. In the meantime, the portable substation continues to provide service to Ferron customers. Additional work on the new transformer will be done by Rocky Mountain Power personnel in preparation for complete installation at the substation. Once the preliminary work is completed, Rocky Mountain Power will schedule a planned outage to transfer service from the portable substation to the new transformer. Rocky Mountain Power will provide written notice to Ferron customers regarding the time and duration of the planned outage.

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